Leo Club Of Magnificent mahavir nagar was established in 2018 on the 11th of July. since then we have conducted 75+ service activities and have done charity projects for more that 2000 beneficiary.

Our Slogan, “engage. empower. evolve ” describes leoism to its core, which is all about fellowship, service and leadership. we help our members find their inner potential

From President's desk

I have 365 days. 365 days to lead a such an enthusiastic bunch of individuals, to reach new heights and create a lasting impact. Together, we will make each day count.
My Vision is simple. It is to spread smiles, and help create a meaningful life for as many people as we can reach in any circumstance.
For me, Leoism is not just any youth organization, but a platform to contribute my best efforts for a great good and to bond with a creative group of individuals. It is a platform to learn, grow and inspire, to bond, hold hands, and rise.
To truly Engage, Empower & Evolve.
It’s a honor to serve as the President for this esteemed organisation. I look forward to exceed expectations and go #BeyondTheNorm!
We will serve our nation in the fields of environment, healthcare, education, hunger relief, mental health, child welfare, rural & slum development and reach wherever there is a need! We all are common people who can together achieve uncommon results. We are prepared to do wonders together, becuase for us, kindness never goes out of style!