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A periodical initiative that is intended to spread positivity and inspiration as well as re-equip people to the ongoing social issues. An opportunity for Leos to express themselves and present their opinions to the world. Tune in every sunday morning at 12pm to see beautiful posts by our members.

Act As If What You Do Makes A Difference. IT DOES. ~ William James

 Whenever You Are Taking The Initiative To Do Something, Act Like That Initiative Is Going To Bring A Lot Of Changes. Also, Make Sure That You Are Doing That Thing With Utmost Dedication And Passion. Or Else, There Is A Possibility That Your Initiative Will Go In Vain. Besides, Do All The Things That You Can Do To Make It Happen. After That, You Will Witness That A Lot Of People Are Coming To Contribute To You For Your Initiative. This Positive Vibe Of Yours Will Attract A Lot Of People. In This Way, You Can Accomplish Your Initiative And Enjoy Success. And Consequently, You Will Find Out That You Made A Difference. Initially, You Acted Like Your Effort Is Going To Make A Difference. But Now, It Is Going To Make A Difference.

Don’t use social media to impress people, use it to impact people. – Dave Willis.

Many people, before the deluge of social media into our lives , often speculated and still do, if it will be a boon or a bane for the world.
This is the first time ever where the world is so thoroughly connected. This is the magic of social media and everyone is given a platform, essentially a voice. How we use this voice is where the crux of the matter is.
Where we once thought that it will be used for spreading positivity and uplifting people, it is instead used as a circus where we are bombarded with barrage of posts,quotes, photos and videos of people portraying the ” perfect ” life by showing off their questionably happy lifestyle and achievements.

We as spectators get influenced so much by this , that we are compelled to jump in on the bandwagon and follow the herd.
Why not use this to be more individualistic, more of what your are?
Why not use it to help people and uplift them rather than make them feel that their life is not worth living? Why follow the fake when you can be authentic?
Why not connect in real matters of the world instead of useless trends?
Why only impress irrelevant people when you can impact where it matters the most ?

Don’t forget to make a life, while making a living…

Don’t you think it’s crazy that so many of us go to work even when we don’t need to be there? Times we could be on the beach buried in sand, or traveling the earth , but we spend it in the office traveling from desk to desk – buried in paper work.

In this chaotic world, everything goes so fast. We’re so busy, seems like everyone’s middle name is “Multi-Task”. But now, before you go and act all, holier-than-thou, how many extra tabs do you have open on your computer, right now?

We all need time to get away from the race.
Time to Rewind, Recharge, and Reconnect.
Because Life, ladies and gentlemen, is all about moments.
Ask yourself, how many trips did you almost take? How many sites have you almost seen? How many moments have you lost thinking about the next one? All we will ever have is, NOW.

The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. ~ Socrates

A poem by Leo Nilakshi Raul

Struggling with fears of mine
I am trying to rise
Darkness inside and out
Trying to overcome my bravery
But that also is a stubborn fight
Facing my fears with all the strength I have got
Pushing it with all the might I have
Prepared physically and mentally to give it back
Without hesitating to fall
Giving Up was not at all a resort
Try, If Failed then Repeat
Till success is at your feet
Alas! I won my battle with fear
With a beautiful smile
But then again another one of them arised
But I knew that I would survive.

Fret not where the road will take you. Instead concentrate on the first step. That’s the hardest part and that’s what you are responsible for. Once you take that step let everything do what it naturally does and the rest will follow. Do not go with the flow. Be the flow. ~Elif Shafak


The vision of the non-profit NGO is to reach an Africa where “the circular economy contributes to the creation of jobs, protection of nature through recycling and recovery of plastic waste, development of renewable energy, management of aquatic landscapes, urban areas and protected areas “, and it all began with a bottle-boat. Around the world and around the clock a staggering 1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute, and many of those end up in the ocean instead of recycling bins. A new and different way of reusing plastic bottles, this innovative “bottle-boat” could help redefine fishing methods in the Kibri region of Cameroon.

Each canoe is made from 1000 discarded plastic bottles and can carry three people up to a total weight of 270 kg or 595 lbs.

The idea of designing a boat made from recovered and recycled plastic bottles came to Ismaël in 2011, when the student was forced to take shelter from heavy rain and observed plastic bottles floating past. He began by gathering 1,000 plastic bottles collected in the drains of Douala, the financial capital of Cameroon, and assembled them into blocks of ten connected by wire. This enables the finished structure to flex like a caterpillar with the motion of the waves. To make an entire boat takes about a week.

For each new morning
With its light,
For rest
And shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy
Goodness sends.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

As we grow up, the pace of the life becomes dangerously fast. One day you’re running wild on playgrounds and the next You find yourself working, slogging throughout the day to meet the standards manifested from social competitions and comparisons.

In between we forget to stop, to look around and smell the roses, to appreciate for everything we already have. We forget gratitude because we’re always busy chasing something better.

This pandemic is a classic eye-opener for all of us. It gives us a chance to look around and be thankful for everything we take granted for.. the food, the shelter and most importantly the people around us .

Anne Frank, at the innocent age of fifteen wrote, “dead people receive more flowers than living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.” No matter how disheartening it is, its the truth.

So let’s change the perspective a little? Let’s a take moment to ask others about their day, let other people know how much you really appreciate them in your life.


Much of our lives is spent in reaction to others and to events around us. The problem is that these reactions might not always be the best course of action, and as a result, we end up upsetting someone or make things worse for us.

So how to Respond:
The main thing to learn is mindfulness and the pause.

Mindfulness means assessing oneself when we face something that might upset us or trigger some kind of emotional reaction. Pay close attention to how our minds react.

Then pause. We don’t have to act immediately. We can pause, not act, just breathe. We can watch this urge to act irrationally arise…… let it go away. Sometimes that takes a few seconds, other times it means we should remove ourselves politely from the situation and let ourselves cool down before we respond.
Watch the reaction go away.
Now consider what the most intelligent, compassionate response might be. What can we do that will help our relationship, teach, build a better team or partnership, make the situation better, calm everyone down, including ourselves?

At first, you might mess up. But in time, you’ll learn to watch this reaction, and you’ll get better at the pause. Don’t fret if you mess up — just resolve to be more mindful when it happens next time. Take note of what happened to trigger your reaction, and pay attention when something like that happens again.

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